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EFA Shorts 1

7 films

EFA Shorts is the European Film Academy’s short film tour, which brings the latest EUROPEAN SHORT FILM candidates, nominees and winners to audiences across Europe – and beyond. This is the 9th, consecutive year that EFA Shorts are screened at DokuFest.

Content included in this bundle

It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad (2019)
Animation, Fiction 29min
Memorable - Mémorable (2019)
Animation 12min
To the Dusty Sea - À la Mer Poussière (2020)
Animation 13min
Uncle Thomas, Accounting For the Days - Tio Tomás, A Contabilidade Dos Dias (2019)
Animation 13min
Genius Loci (2019)
Fiction 16min
Flesh - Carne (2019)
Animation 12min
‎People on Saturday - Menschen am Samstag (2020)
Fiction 10min